Forging the Healthiest You
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15247 Pearl Rd. Strongsville, OH 44136

Welcome to CrossFit Strongsville

  • Welcome to that moment that you didn’t turn your back on
  • Welcome to the feeling, the need; to change, to be better, to grow
  • Welcome to the fear that you decided to conquer, the failure you knew you’d beat, the triumph you seized with both hands gripping hard and heart beating strong
  • Welcome to your best self, that light you tried to hide, the friend within who you never thought you had
  • Welcome to the fight for your life, the rage against death, the resistance of waiting for the world to go your way
  • Welcome to change, hard change; change earned with sweat, and blood, and passion, and determination, and the bold, exuberant expression of the hero you are
  • Welcome to your haven, your space, your womb in which to grow
  • Welcome to CrossFit Strongsville, Forging the Healthiest You

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“‘I need to get in shape before I can do CrossFit.’ I hear that all the time, and it is so NOT TRUE!! When I started CrossFit at 45 I had never worked out in a gym, and I weighed over 250 pounds. I was NOT in shape. David Choma welcomed me and taught me how to lift so I could work out safely. He also helped me modify the workouts to my level. Everyday I worked hard and I got stronger. Today, 8 months later, I can Rx the WOD, and I am 5 pant sizes smaller! I still achieve new things and see new changes everyday. David is, by far, the best CrossFit coach, hands-down. Whatever your personal goal may be (lose weight, become an elite athlete, or just become a healthier you) I promise you, he WILL help you achieve it.”

Kathie P.
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