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August 12 2016


August 12 2016

LJ and Robert Hammy 2016

August 12 2016

Gut Check! If I were to ask you to answer the question by filling in the blank, “Who are you?” and allowed you to only answer with the statement, “I am (_______).” How would you respond? Write down the first word that comes to mind. Is it positive? Strong, smart, wealthy, ridiculously good-looking, funny, friendly, etc? Or, is it negative? Weak, broke, broken, dumb, exhausted, ugly, boring, etc? In most interpersonal communications, you would probably say something positive. But, in your head, I wonder if it might be something negative. That negative self-talk is a lie being told to you by your past experiences, the world around you, somebody else, or, worse yet, your own demons. So my challenge for the day is to fill that “third-word” in with something positive right now, and repeat it at least 5 times today…especially when you screw up or face an obstacle. See what that does to change your mood, your situation, and your capability. Those negative third-words are stealing your greatness, and your gains.

A) Weighted Box Step-up:
*10 Reps per leg, choose load weight and position.*
B) Push Up (Rings)s:

In 15 mins do:
30 Bar Facing Burpees
then in the remaining time, AMRAP of:
15 Front Squats, pick load
15 Shoulder-to-Overheads, pick load
15 Kettlebell Swings, pick load
*Rx will be granted, regardless of weight chosen, if movements are performed correctly.*
Competitors Recommendation:
95/65 lb BB
70/53 lb KB
Fitness Recommendation:
75/55 lb BB
53/35 lb KB

The bar-facing burpees (perpendicular to the bar) in the beginning of this WOD will surely eat at the clock to start you off, so you’ll want to maximize your work output with a weight that you can move quickly and with few, if any, broken sets.