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August 2 2016


August 2 2016

Faith Rxd July 20 2016

August 2 2016

Faith Rx’D Cleveland will be hosting a workout + worship event tomorrow, August 3, at 8PM at CrossFit Strongsville! The workout is optional and it will be followed by group discussion. We saw plenty of new faces during the last event, let’s reach out to others for this impactful ministry again!

CoreLife Eatery is set to open this Friday in Strongsville! Coach David has had the wonderful honor of meeting the owners of the company and they are on a mission to feed and encourage an active lifestyle through healthy food options and community engagement! Look for the complimentary meal cards on our display case to receive a free meal for two for Wednesday August 3 from 12 to 2PM.

A) Hang Power Snatch:
2 @ 60%, 2 @ 65%, 2 @ 70%, 2 @ 60%, 2 @ 65%, 2 @ 70%
B) Snatch Grip Deadlift:
C) Push Up (Deficit)s:
*Use at least one set of 45# Plates under your hands*

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps, for time of:
Overhead Squat, pick load
Lateral Burpee (Over Barbell)
Windshield Wiper

Choose load and use the same weight for windshield Wipers
Competitors Recommendation:
115/75 lbs
Fitness Recommendation:
75/55 lbs
Windshield wipers are Left and Right to equal one rep.

WIth your upper back and supportive muscles well warmed up from the strength focus, these Overhead Squats should be butter! Choose a quality weight that you can hold on to for 10 reps. The burpees will challenge your lungs while the windshield wipers challenge your rotational core. There is no CRX or FRX requirement. Everyone who completes the reps correctly and with the proper count will receive an Rx, but there are recommendations for weights, if you choose to follow. The coaches will record the weights used.