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August 27 2016


August 27 2016

shoulder wash

August 27 2016

Coach David will be out of town for vacation for the next week and will be purposely avoiding his computer (and probably his cell phone)! Have no fear; the classes are all in the hands of our incredible and capable coaches, the programming is all set and your WODs are only getting harder, and Coach Rick will be at the helm, captaining this ship on its voyage to Awesomenessville. Please send any emails regarding membership or other questions to him at [email protected] Be good, kids, don’t throw any parties while I’m gone!

A) Front Squat:
3 @ 75%, 2 @ 80%, 2 @ 85%, 1 @ 90%, 2 @ 80%, 1 @ 85%
B) Strict Pull-ups:
*Use a band or box as necessary.*
C) Bench Press:

As many reps as possible in 15 mins of:
15 Strict Press, CRX: 95/65 lbs, FRX: 45/35 lbs
50 Weighted AbMat Sit-ups, 20/10 lbs
30 Push Press, CRX: 135/95 lbs, FRX: 75/55 lbs
50 Weighted AbMat Sit-ups, 20/10 lbs
45 Push Jerks, CRX: 155/105 lbs, FRX: 95/65 lbs
50 Weighted AbMat Sit-ups, 20/10 lbs
Shoulder-to-Overhead, CRX: 185/125 lbs, FRX: 125/85 lbs

This WOD mimics many of the Open-style WODs we’ve seen in the past and ladders from the CrossFit Games. The concept here is to fire off several variations of our shoulder press movements, from the strict press (no legs/dip), to the push press (slight dip), to the push jerk (dip +drive + dip again), each time adding weight. If you make it to the final variation, you can use any way to get that bar overhead from the shoulder rack (push or split jerk, most likely), and you will stay there for the remaining time, adding on as many reps as you can. Good luck, CFS!