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August 4 2016


August 4 2016

drotleff press hammy 2016drotleff on the floor

August 4 2016

Happy Birthday Drot 2.0!
Our BFG can throw some serious weight around and he’s also a great example of devoting proper time to rest and recovery…even in the strangest of places (Don’t ever wake a sleeping giant…).

A) Pause Back Squat:
*Hit a dead-stop at the bottom and pause 1 second before returning to the top*
B) Chin-up Hold :
4x 30 secs
*Perform this in the chin-up grip (palms toward you) and accumulate 30 seconds each time with your chin over the bar.
Super-set this with the Push Presses.*
C) Dumbbell Push Press:
*Focus on keeping high elbows at the bottom/shoulder rack position and press straight up. You can go up in weight as needed.
Super-set this with the Chin Up Holds.*

Complete as many rounds as possible in 16 mins of:
64 Double Unders/ FRX: 3-to-1 Jump Rope Singles (192 total)
32 Pull-ups/ FRX: Assisted Pull-Ups
16 Kettlebell Swings, CRX: 53/35 lbs, FRX: 35/25 lbs
8 Handstand Push-ups/ FRX: Assisted HSPU

This AMRAP will be a challenge on the skill acquisition front while the KB Swings continue to tax your core and hip force production. By the time you reach the second round, your conditioning will come into play as your shoulders and lungs begin to reveal their working strength. Shoot for at least 3 rounds.