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Be A Protein Pro


Be A Protein Pro

Be A Protein Pro (Like Joe)

We receive this question all the time:
“What can I do to make sure I’m not so sore after a workout?”
We suggest protein (and stretching/mobility, but that’s another article), of course!
If it’s a lady, she might respond, “But, I don’t want to get bulky.”
If it’s a man, he might respond, “I think I eat enough already.”
If it’s a bro, he/she might respond, “I go through a tub every day, bro.”

So, we wanted to give you some quick insight into the benefits of consuming more protein. The big WHY is that it will significantly aid in recovery as your muscles receive optimal nutrients and building blocks to repair from exercise. It won’t make you bulky (that takes a lot of work and tons of excess protein!) by itself, and it will aid in so many other physiological processes within the body to increase your fitness and performance. Ever notice that most doctors wind up recommending more protein for elderly patients who are losing physical capacity? That’s because it’s important. So, we asked Coach Drot to give you the info, short and sweet!

Protein is one of the essential macronutrients of the body. It is broken down into amino acids that aid in building and repairing tissues, as well as forming enzymes and hormones/body chemicals. It also promotes healthy bones, blood, skin, cartilage, and builds muscle tissue. Last, protein reduces appetite and hunger levels, reduces cravings, boost metabolism, and increase fat burning which can aid in weight loss.

It is recommended to consume .5 grams per pound of body weight with 1 gram per pound being ideal for athletes. Easy ways to work to increase your protein consumption is to ensure each meal contains protein. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, lean cuts of meat, legumes and the occasional protein shakes are all efficient ways to obtain your daily protein goals.

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-Coach Drot (and Coach David)