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Bill: Strong At Any Age


Bill: Strong At Any Age

Bill’s Story: Strong At Any Age

Bill is one of those good-hearted men who always has a smile on his face and brings others up in the process. We’ve been especially proud to see how his dedication to our functional fitness programming has not only encouraged him to become stronger, accomplishing multiple pull-ups and lifting weights he here-to-fore thought unachievable, but how it’s also given him more confidence in his active retired lifestyle. It’s people like him that inspire us every day and we’re honored to have him as a part of the CrossFit Strongsville family. Recently, we asked Bill to share part of his story, so we’ll let him do the talking:

  • I joined CrossFit Strongsville ( FitCore) because last September I had terrible back spasms. After getting treatments at The Healthiest You Chiropractic Center, I was convinced that strengthening my core was the best way to avoid a relapse in the future.
  • I feel my biggest accomplishment has been being able to show up for the workouts and to complete them and to find I actually enjoy doing them! Also, I can do multiple pull-ups!
  • What I am working on now is I’m trying to gain more stamina as I continue to get stronger and improve my core muscles.
  • My favorite CrossFit (FitCore) memory so far is just meeting the others who are in our program doing the workouts. They’re encouraging and inspiring!
  • The things that motivate me to continue training at CrossFit Strongsville (FitCore) are: I’m a 65 year old, retired man. I don’t wish for these back problems to happen again because I love to play golf and tennis and enjoy being able to play and teach my grandchildren.

If you want to be like Bill and discover more confidence, new strength, and, heck, even improve on your golf game, drop us a line. Bill participates in our FitCORE class and more details on that can be found at

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