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Brandon: A Marine On a Mission


Brandon: A Marine On a Mission

Brandon: A Marine On A Mission

One of the best gifts a gym owner is especially blessed to receive is that of watching somebody transform literally in front your eyes. One such example of a man who did just that is Brandon. He walked into CrossFit Strongsville a little over seven months ago at 40 pounds over the maximum weight permitted by the Marine Corps as an active duty service member. He was newer to this part of Ohio, searching for a community of friends, going home after work to sleep, wake up and drink until he fell asleep again. He knew he needed to do something to change the path he was starting to walk down.

Now, he’s lost 30 pounds fat and feels as if he is in the best shape of his life! He’s accomplished this by changing his busy schedule to make his fitness a priority. Brandon truly endeavors to achieve the highest level of himself as he can, through his performance and overcoming the mental restraints that hit everybody in life. Thanks to Carmen (her story is coming soon), his supportive and loving girlfriend and his rock, he has remained grounded in his pursuits as she runs along his side.

This marine has experienced friendship and fellowship with a community of people that share his desire to be the best version of their self, physically and mentally. He has impacted the people around him with his natural leadership, humility, and strength. And, when asked what the most important thing for him in his life is right now, he would tell you, “The most important thing in my life right now is setting myself up to be successful in the future. Whatever God may have planned for me. I want to set myself up the best I can to live for him. ‘Prepare my fields for rain’ as they say.”

God has great things planned for you, marine.