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Carmen Crushing WODs and Depression


Carmen Crushing WODs and Depression

Carmen: Deadlifting Depression And Dancing to Booty Music

Nearly two years ago, Carmen stepped into CrossFit Strongsville and instantly filled the room with life, laughter and excitement. She didn’t have any experience in CrossFit and was just giving it a shot. As time went on, she not only developed stronger fitness skills, but her self esteem clearly strengthened, as well, and her love for the community grew with that, too. I’ve often learned that the most boisterous of personalities can hide the greatest of hurts. Carmen shares her story below and I am so very proud of everything she’s overcome in her life and everything she’s accomplished within our four walls.

“Originally I began doing crossfit because I was looking to have a consistent workout regimen, as suggested to me by my doctor. Throughout my life I have struggled with depression and anxiety that, at times, would cripple my ability to complete day to day activities. When I started I truly was at a low point and was struggling with trying out different medications, feeling as if I had been defeated. After starting to do crossfit it quickly grew to taking a priority in my life. It gave me the accountability and consistency that I needed. For at least an hour a day, all the things that plague me disappear. All I needed to think about was how the in the world I was ever going to finish the impossible WOD. But the most amazing thing was I did! I was able to finish. And that has been the greatest gift. For a person that felt defeated and a slave to depression and anxiety, I felt empowered. Everyday I did the impossible! This made me addicted and want to do more and be better. The feeling of defeating brutal wods has truly transformed me. To some it may be a daily workout to improve physical fitness, but to me it has been truly a life saver. I have become a stronger and more confident person. Every day I am reminded that I can do the impossible. I continue to do crossfit because it helps with my health not only physically, but mentally. I’ve fell in love with improving, mastering new skills, and being competitive. Crossfit has become more to me than I ever expected.

I am at Crossfit Strongsville because it not just a gym, it is my home. I look forward to being there everyday and being with the people I truly consider family. These are the people that have been there with me from the beginning. When I had no idea what to with a barbell, all the way to me getting my first muscle up. The people at CFS keep me accountable and make sure I’m aiming for the best me, whether a coach or a fellow member. It’s hard to imagine my life without every single person at CFS and they all mean the world to me. Everyone puts up with me when I won’t stop dancing, requesting “booty music” or when I’m down and crabby from a long day.
I am aiming to be the best version of myself. I want to constantly put effort into improving and gaining more skills. I love helping fellow members push themselves and work towards gaining a new accomplishment. I not only want to be strong, but be a person everyone wants to be around.”
Carmen, we’re glad you’re a part of our family and you make this place a better home for being in it.