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December 12 2016


December 12 2016


December 12 2016

Let’s give a warm (because it’s cold outside) welcome to our new member this month, Rick D. and John D.! Rick, a trail-runner with 1000s of miles under his feet, has been rocking it in our 6:30AM classes and John, an experienced CrossFitter, has been bringing it to our evening classes and Saturdays (including the Naughty or Nice Competition over the weekend).

The chapter leaders of Faith RX’d Cleveland would like to thank everyone who participated in Naughty or Nice at CrossFit Strongsville (and beyond) on Saturday. We had nearly 2 dozen new toys brought in and 11 people claw their way on the leaderboard. As Coach Ryan, the Chaplain for Faith RX’d Cleveland stated, “We’re helping to bless families in our community this holiday season, bringing joy to children that may not believe they’re receiving gifts this year, just as the Bible teaches us. Thank you so much for being a part of this.” Here’s the link to see the standings, search for CrossFit Strongsville, and they’ll populate! You may need to adjust the filter for “Naughty” or “Nice.”

A) Every 1 min for 5 mins: Push Press
5 Push Press, pick load
B) Every 1 min for 5 mins: Row (calories)
10 Row (calories)s

21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Clean, 135/95 lbs
Ring Dip
*There are conflicting ideas on this WOD as to whether or not the Cleans should be Power (no squat) or Squat in nature. For our experienced athletes, we recommend the Squat Cleans for Rx, and we’ll note it as such on the board!*
Coaching: “Elizabeth” is a quick and dirty “Girl” WOD that pushes your metabolic conditioning through a sprint of pulling (cleans) and pushing (dips), much like “Fran.” We’re going to split the classes into 2 heats to allow for counting of reps, motivation, and ease of access to the rings. Extra time at the end of class can be spent on accumulating more pull-ups for the monthly challenge and mobility!