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December 9 2016


December 9 2016


December 9 2016

Jess and Michelle participated in the Ugly Sweater Run 5K over the weekend and shared these pictures! We love to see you all demonstrating your fitness, so please send photos to [email protected] to share on the blog and receive a shout-out! Pics at the gym are welcome, too!

Also, Michelle made this awesome ornament to adorn the CFS tree with the coach’s names on the back of it! Thank you so much, Michelle!

A) Every 1 min for 5 mins: Back Squat
5 Back Squats, pick load
B) Every 1 min for 5 mins: Double Under
20 Double Unders
*Scale to Double Under attempts for 40 seconds, or 50 Jump Rope Singles.*

For time:
Row, 1000 m
— then —
3 rounds of:
21 Box Jumps, 24/20 in
15 Front Squats, 95/65 lbs
9 Ring Dips
CRX: Box JUMP, 95/65 lbs, Ring Dips
FRX: Box JUMP or STEP UP, 75/55 lbs, Assisted Ring or Box Dips
Coaching: Pull for a great effort on the row by starting out at a decent pace, then settling into something you can manage, and going strong to finish the last 200m. Then, immediately move on to get on top of the box in some fashion, before your legs know what already hit them from the rower. Be sure to choose a weight that you can rep the first 15 Front Squats for unbroken, and get into those dips with speed; your arms will be the freshest part of your body!