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Emily: Not Accepting Excuses


Emily: Not Accepting Excuses

Emily: This O.G. Knows How To PRx!

Emily came to us over two and half years ago as an experienced CrossFitter out of New Jersey. She and her husband, Mike, were looking for a new place around their new home and gave us a shot with the Groupon (hence, O.G. = Old Grouponer). Within a short period of time, she became a regular part of our morning classes and grew to be one of the best unnofficial assistant coaches we have! She genuinely cares about the gym and the people in it and has supported us with many behind-the-scenes blessings that have played an instrumental part in where we are today (especially with how much she lets us borrow Mike for projects).

While she was on track to accomplishing some stellar goals and improving on an already firm base, Emily managed to go through her first pregnancy while CrossFitting, and baby Dash has benefitted greatly from her continued effort to take care of momma. Now, pregnant with her and Mike’s second, she’s due to accomplish this goal again and we are proud of how strong this mom really is.

Emily finds the classes and the workouts to provide her with a great deal of sanity while she balances a full-time career, one-year-old, near-term pregnancy, and family life. She also wouldn’t want to upset Coach Drot (notice a trend?) by not showing up. When asked about her experience of CrossFitting while pregnant, she says,
“The hardest thing since getting pregnant has been having to slow down, drop weights and not being where I used to be. While it is difficult to wake up in the morning and go to class; the day is always better when I do and I try to remind myself of that.”

We’re happy to have her come in and start her better day off with us in the mornings and we’re so proud of her for her diligence, commitment, and humility to adjust and scale workouts as needed. Stealing a tagline from Nike, she would be the first to tell anybody who’s considering starting,
“Just do it, don’t be afraid. Everyone has to start somewhere and everything is scaleable.”