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January 2 2016


January 2 2016

January 2 2017

Happy Birthday Angiey!

Congrats to everyone who completed or took part in the December Pull-Up Challenge! Many of you improved on your form significantly and that will continue to pay huge dividends as we go into the the new year!
This month, the challenge will be to complete 1000 Double Unders, over and above the regular programming, Skill focus, and Prep. Additionally, we’ll keep track o whoever gets their first Double Under during the month! Spend whatever extra time you can working on achieving the double unders. There is no Single Jump Rope equivalent for this one, just FYI.

The Strength Programming is changing a little bit over the next few months. Here’s the deal, Strength will be assigned on Monday, as usual. It will also be assigned on Tuesday, Wedneseday, etc. When you come in on Monday, you’ll perform the Monday Strength (barring any necessary modifications). On Tuesday, you have the option to perform the Monday Strength or the Tuesday Strength. On Wednesday, you can choose from the 3 options of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and so on throughout the week. We’re implementing this is to allow for more concentrated effort on the Strength elements for those who need or want the extra time. For those who don’t need the extra time, you can mush a couple of strengths together because you blew through a series of sets and reps in half the time for which we accounted. Additionally, this allows you to exercise a little more autonomy in your programming in relationship to how you feel. For example, if your shoulders are smoked from the WOD on Monday, and you come in Wednesday to see that it’s Push Presses for the Wednesday Strength, maybe you choose to do the Tuesday Strength of Front Squats instead.  You’re still following along with the programming and getting the most out of it! There won’t be any assigned Strengths on Saturdays anymore, either, it will just be allowed as a catch-up day if there’s time in the programing. If you’re worried about being confused as to which movement to do or how to perform it, have no fear, the coach will guide you and Prep work will cover everything!
I hope you enjoy it! Let’s Get Strong in Strongsville!

20 Total Minutes
Take up to 10 Minutes to work up to a heavy Hang Power Clean.
Take 75% of that weight.
You then have 10 Minutes to complete 5 Sets of 5 Reps of Hang Power Cleans with that 75% weight.
This can be done as an EMOM as 5 Reps every 2 Minutes, as well.

(If there’s time!)
Run 2 x 400m, Rest 1 Minute Between

“CrossFit Games Open 11.5”
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
5 Power Cleans, 145/100 lbs
10 Toes To Bars
15 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs, 10 ft
Rx or Scale as necessary
Coaching: We’re a little over 50 days away from the 2017 CrossFit Games Open! You’re going to see these Open WODs peppering the programming over the next few weeks in preparation of the new season! Look up your old number beforehand and commit to improving on your old scores. If these are your first attempts, light that fire in your belly and commit to the finish line of your best self championing your best efforts.