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January 9 2017


January 9 2017

January 9 2017

“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”
~Vince Lombardi~

The 5:30PM class on Fridays are officially back on the schedule! This past week provided a learning experience and reminder of the importance of scheduling classes well in advance (we’re talking at least 24 hours) because of the reliance on registration to ensure our coaches know they have a class to lead. A great deal of preparation goes into coaching the class beforehand as the coaches like to review who will be attending and how best to accommodate their fitness needs. We can entirely understand that schedules can be crazy, which is why we’re so forgiving of cancellation time frames, but it’s best to also enroll as soon as possible and guarantee your well-deserved spot in class! The staff and I appreciate your continued commitment to the important housekeeping elements that provide reliable quality service for you!

20 Minutes Allotted Time
Up to 10 Minutes to establish Heavy Thruster
Take 75% of that weight.
Up to 10 Minutes to perform 5 Sets of 5 Reps.

For time:
9 Curtis Ps, 135/95 lbs
25 Double Unders
7 Curtis Ps, 135/95 lbs
25 Double Unders
5 Curtis Ps, 135/95 lbs
25 Double Unders
Category 1 Scaling: Men 75-115 lbs, Women 55-75 lbs
Category 2: 3:1 Jump Rope Singles (75) or Combination
Category 3: Lower weight range and Singles

The Curtis P Movement is a complex:
1 Power Clean (from floor)
1 Front Rack Lunge (right)
1 Front Lunge (left)
1 Push Press