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July 14 2016


July 14 2016

clash at cabin 2015

July 14 2016

Clash at the Cabin 2016 is just two days away! Here is the link. It’s Saturday, July 16th, at 11AM. Be sure to let Ben Schiemann know if you can make it.

From Ben:

Invite anyone you would like, just let me know how many will be coming. Arrival time 11am, race starts at noon. This will be the 2nd annual fun yet challenging Clash at the Cabin obstacle course. This is 100% outside, rain or shine. Expect mud, water and possible painful conditions! The course will be around the cabin and through the woods for a total of over a mile long! Be prepared for a challenging workout. There will be a $20/person fee, which will include bottled water, hamburgers/hot dogs (bring a side dish or snack to share). All proceeds will go to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, with the remaining money being donated back to CFS. Winners will be determined based on the total time a 2-person team takes to complete the course.

** Slip and Flip was a hit last year so it will of course be bigger and better this year!

The course will be run in teams of 2, one male and one female or we might do male/male and male/female teams like last year. (TEAMS WILL BE PULLED FROM A HAT DAY OF RACE), unless you don’t care about Winning 1/2/3rd then you can run with anyone! One team member has to attempt or finish the obstacle as stated before the other teammate can attempt it. If either teammate fails the obstacle, both teammates have to do the penalty at the same time. You cannot start going to the next obstacle until the current obstacle is finished or both members finish the penalty. Arrows will be directing you to the next obstacle all the way through the course with signs telling when and what obstacle to perform. Teams will be set off in 5-10 minute intervals to hopefully only have one team performing each obstacle at a time.

Anyone who does not want to run the course can still come, cheer everyone on and be part of the “safety crew” or just watch. Also anyone willing to be the photographer let me know. After the prizes are given out everyone is welcomed to stay or come back for an evening of fun at the cabin or just sit by the fire. Kids are welcomed all day as long as a parent can watch them since there is a pond! There is a bathroom in the cabin but there is no drinking water, I will provide bottled water for the race or you can bring your own drinks, the after party is BYOB. Race will start at noon everyone is encouraged to be there by 11 to sign the waiver form and walk the course if desired. Anyone participating in the challenge needs to sign the waiver form! Text 440-263-9610, email: [email protected] or Facebook message me with any questions.

The mile long course (1.3 miles) will be as follows (and not in any particular order): These are the same as last year but I will be adding a few more and the course will be longer.
Obstacles: Penalties:
20 pull-ups 20 burpees
20 box jumps 24/20 30 push-ups
Pole walk/balance over pond 40 air squats
10 thrusters 95/65 40 sit-ups
8ft wall climb 20ft of somersaults
4 tire flips 30 mountain climbers
10ft rope climb 25 air squats
Pole walk/balance on ground 20 Lunges
30ft bear crawl 15 push-ups
20 45# hay bale dead lift . 15 air squats
30 Jumping Jacks 10 pvc thrusters
30 second plank hold 30 sit-ups
Cable walk over creek (new)
Salmon ladder (new)
zipline/water slide (new)

A) Pause Back Squat
*2-Second Pause at the bottom of Squat*
B) Single Arm Dumbbell/Kettlebell Bent Over Row
*Perform 6 Per Arm*
C) Ring Hold
4x Max Hold
*This Hold is in the top of a Dip Extension, like the finish of a Muscle-Up*

21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Kettlebell Swing, CRX: 75/53 lbs, FRX: 53/35 lbs
Row (Calories)
Box Jump, 24/20 in, CRX: Jump, FRX: Step-Up
Toes-to-bar, FRX: Hanging Knee Raise

After all of the pulling exercises over the last few days, we need to hit some good leg, core, and hip work. Aim for a sub-15 minute finish on this WOD with strong rowing mechanics and consistent breathing through the reps.