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July 21 2016


July 21 2016

Verena Squat Snatch Pout

July 21 2016

This is the typical face the coaches see when we say you have to Squat Snatch…but this little baby girl will be out-snatching most of us in no time, so we better get right in our Olympic lifts!

Also, quick reminder of a gym rule: Please be sure to entirely clean and disinfect any barbells, rings, or pull-up bars on which you tear and bleed. It’s an obvious safety and health concern and it just plain doesn’t look good.

A) 3 Position Snatch :
1 @ 60%, 1 @ 60%, 1 @ 65%, 1 @ 65%, 1 @ 70%
*The 3-Position Snatch includes:
1 rep from the High Hip/Pockets
1 rep from the Low Hang/Knee
1 Rep from the Floor/Shin
and yes, you need to Squat it to the best of your ability!*
B) Back Squat:
*This does not need to be a 3-Rep PR! Work smart, it’s been a big week*
C) Push-up (hand release)s:
*Yes, you had a few of these on Wednesday, but you can find a few more in the tank!*

For 3 cycles:
AMRAP in 3 mins of:
10 One Arm Kb Or Db Snatches, CRX: 53/35 lbs, FRX: pick weight
10 V-ups/ FRX: Tuck Crunches
10 Jumping Squats
Rest 1 min between each cycle.
For each cycle restart the AMRAP.
*The One Arm Snatches are 10 total, split as needed.*

This multiple AMRAP is a nice way to spike some healthy fat burning and toning after some awesome Strength work. Your shoulders and hips should be ready to hammer out some quality one-arm snatches. Shoot for at least 2 rounds during each 3-minute cycle!