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July 27 2016


July 27 2016

Alex Halbach

July 27 2016

Farewell to Alex Halbach! After over 18 months of membership, Alex is taking her talents West to pursue her dream in med school. We would like to wish her well in her endeavors and we know she’ll be a great athlete in Des Moines and a great doctor. Take care, Alex, and thank you for being such a great part of this community!

Thank you for all of the great feedback coming in from the surveys and Coach Reviews! Please continue to fill these out and pass them on to Coach David so that we can ensure we’re delivering on the quality service you deserve! You can download the Coach Review form here.

A) Weighted Box Step-up:
*Use a 20″ box if you can, 6 reps per leg, front rack is ideal*
B) Clean Grip Deadlift:
*Use 90% of your Clean 1RM*
C) Floor Press:

21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Thruster, 95/65 lbs
*Modified version available*

This is the big one! “Fran” is widely recognized as the paramount CrossFit WOD, right up there with “Murph.” The legend behind its origination has been debated, but most agree it is one of the truest tests of work capacity as it challenges the athlete to globally flex and extend under load with the trusters while challenging mental toughness to “just keep going” like a sprinter throughout the pull-ups. The goal here is speed with proper, efficient, and safe form to maximize your time. If you’ve never met “Fran” before, then let me be the first to officially welcome you into the CrossFit family. If you have done “Fran” before, then I wish you good luck and good speed. Let’s kill this, CFS!