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June 13 2016


June 13 2016

Benito GSiS15

June 13 2016

Wednesday, June 15th is the next Faith Rx’d Workout + Worship meeting at CrossFit Strongsville at 8pm. All are welcome!

Front Squat 7-7-7-7-7

7 rounds for time of:
30 Double Unders/90 Jump Rope Singles (3:1)
3 Bear Complexes, (135/95) (75/55) lbs

POST WOD (Time Permitting)
Rope Climbs 10×1

The Bear Complex includes 5 Movements in one: A Clean, Front Squat, Shoulder to Overhead, Back Squat, and Behind the Neck Shoulder to Overhead. For the purpose of this WOD, you can string the movements together (example-perform a “thruster” as you complete the Front Squat and into the Overhead movement). This should be a hard-hitting sprint with a somewhat heavy load. After the WOD, we’ll take some time to work on rope climb mechanics.