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June 24 2016


June 24 2016

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June 24 2016

We are excited to announce a new referral program! When you refer a friend, neighbor, co-worker, etc. to join us, when they sign up after completing their free month trial, you will also receive a free month! It’s a win-win! You get to show your friends and loved ones why you love coming to the gym and getting a great work out and, once they become members, you get money back in your pocket. Simply direct them to and tell them to sign up for the free trial. We’ll handle the rest! They’ll receive a free month and even personal training sessions from Coach David to prepare them for the classes. Thank you for helping us grow and helping others be their best selves.

Strict Pull-ups, Kipping Pull-Ups, Pull-Up Progressions 5×5
*Use this time to work on the pull-up foundations. If using a band, try to focus on “strict” pulls to gain the strength effect of the movement.*

Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 mins of:
Run, 600 m
50 Bumper Plate Squats, (45/35) (25/15) lbs
40 Burpee Onto Plates
30 Kettlebell Snatches, (53/35) (25/18) lbs
20 Calorie Row
100m Farmer carry – bumper plates, (45/35) (25/15) lbs

This week we’re continuing to hammer endurance with a unique WOD that will challenge you to hold on with everything you’ve got. Ideally, we’ll have all of this take place outside, so please don’t throw the bumper plates down directly onto the concrete! We have plenty of extra mats out back.