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My journey started at CrossFit Strongsville when I kept seeing an advertisement pop up on my Facebook feed. It was a picture of a fit woman asking if you’re ready for a new you? I thought to myself, Yes! Then I would scroll past it. Again and again I would see this and I finally decided that I yes I was going to look into it and do something about it.

Ever since I had kids, I just kind of got use to how my body looked and my unhealthy eating habits. I was just stuck and needed someone to push me to make a change. So to me this was the sign for that push.

I am pretty familiar with CrossFit but I had just figured it was something for hardcore people who work out every day and I am more of a walker with light weights. But again I had decided that I was going to give it a try.

The program was set up for 6 weeks, 3 days a week and a meal plan to follow. I figured, ok I am paying for this so I have to go. That was the start of my motivation. I must say I was a little nervous about being there for the first time and it was a bit of a wake-up call to my fitness vocabulary and movements. But I quickly picked it all up thanks to the all the coaches and assistants that helped. They did an outstanding job of making everyone feel so welcomed and they were so informative. They encouraged everyone to ask questions, because they wanted you to be comfortable in what you were doing and to be sure you were doing it correct.

So as far as the meal plan, they provided so many recipes along with a shopping list. Which made it pretty easy to follow. And as I told myself, if I want to see a change I am going to have to make some changes. I was actually excited about trying some new meals. After the first two weeks it was pretty easy because it was becoming a routine. And I will say I started to feel more energized with the new and improved eating habits.

As for the working out goes…I fell in love with CrossFit very quickly. No matter what the workout was or how out of shape or how weak or strong you were it could all be scaled. Meaning no matter what the movement or weight, it was modified so that you could do the work out. Or as you will soon learn, WOD.

So my fear of not being able to do something quickly disappeared and I felt as good as anyone else that was there. Each workout made me push myself because I wanted to better myself. The coaches were always right there pushing you as well. Which is exactly what I needed, someone to push me so that I wouldn’t give up on myself.

Throughout the six weeks not only did I learn about CrossFit, changed my eating habits, learned how to squat the right way and became a fitter and healthier me but I made lifelong friends.

So even though the six week challenge was over, I wasn’t ready to be done. Fast forward to a year later and I still am coming to classes and learning even more. Giving CrossFit Strongsville a chance was a great decision I made that I will never regret. Even though life gets hectic and I miss a day or week here and there it is like I never missed any at all. Everyone is so welcoming and you can jump right back in to it all.

I would highly recommend CrossFit Strongsville to anyone looking to get in shape, become more toned, learn new movements or just to make friends. It is such an all-around great place.

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