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Nate: Saving Lives, Improving His Own


Nate: Saving Lives, Improving His Own

Nate Is Saving Lives, and Improving His Own

Nate first walked into CrossFit Strongsville a little over 9 months ago, having never tried CrossFit before:

“Crossfit Strongsville was the first box I have ever stepped foot in and from my first meeting with Dave I felt at home. I love the family feel to it, everyone is everyone’s biggest fan and wants them to do the best they can. I know I have only been going to CFS for a few months but it definitely does not feel like that.”

In the time since becoming a member, he has used the encouraging family atmosphere to not only accomplish great lifts and technique along with it, but also improve his fitness. He managed to lose the requisite weight needed in order to enlist for the Airforce, a goal he’s been grinding for through many months.

“I do crossfit because no matter how hard you train or how good you get a specific moment you can always do better or be faster. Before crossfit I just did the regular gym style workouts and was getting nowhere, I had no idea about nutrition or mobility or how to really push during a workout. Also the fact that there is some competitiveness to crossfit is amazing to me. I have always done so well in a team environment, it drives me to do better, push harder, and run longer. Crossfit is that for me and I love it.
Before I would never do anything that would resemble endurance training so when my first WOD had 150 wall balls I thought I was going to die right there on the floor with a wall ball right beside me, but to my surprise I finished to workout. I was dead last but I finished and that was such a good feeling for me, and from that moment I knew I had to get better and I wouldn’t let a 20 lb ball get the best of me lol. Now just the other day I did murph with the 20 lb vest on and I finished the whole thing, I was so proud of my self and I know I could have never done that without crossfit.”

As a paramedic, he has to be prepared for any challenge that presents itself in an effort to ensure he can save a life. Now, as he goes on to leave on July 3rd for the AirForce, we have no doubt that he is truly prepared for that which is unknown and unknowable. He’s pushed and pulled himself to previously unexplored limits, and he’s reaped the rewards of good, hard work, done well, and with great heart.

Best of luck to you, Nate! Be safe, and thank you!