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October 12 2016


October 12 2016


October 12 2016

We recently learned that the owners of Whey Better Cookie have decided to place a temporary hold on production while they handle a disheartening family circumstance. In the meantime, we still have ONE protein bars and will increase our supply of Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies (which are Vegan and natural). The owners and I thank you for your continued support and understanding. They will let me know as soon as they resume production.

There’s still time to register for the Graham Holmberg Training Seminar on Saturday, October 15, from 1 to 4PM. Follow this link for further details and to reserve your spot. A few registrations still remain and we have confirmed that some extra shirts and the goodie bags will be available!

3 @ 60%, 3 @ 65%, 3 @ 70%, 2 @ 75%, 3 @ 70%, 2 @ 75%
*These are full/squat Snatches to the best of your ability!*
Snatch Grip Deadlift:
3×3 at 100% 1RM
*Use 100% of your best Snatch weight.*

3 rounds for time of:
20 Overhead Squats, 95/65 lbs
20 Burpees
CRX: 95/65 lbs
FRX: 75/55 lbs
Goal: Be able to complete this WOD in 7 to 10 Minutes.
Coaching: Remember, the ones that look simple tend to hurt the worst! Choose a weight you can effectively overhead squat for 12 to 15 reps each round without having to drop the bar. We’re looking for solid depth with pressing your hips back to remain in the rear of your foot. Keep moving through the burpees each round without stopping, but adjusting the speed effectively.