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October 31 2016


October 31 2016


October 31 2016


We’ve got some treats for you!
Be sure to wear a costume today as we’ll be taking pictures of each of the classes and awarding complimenary Formula O2’s to the best dressed in each class.
Also, we’re officially rolling out a new structure to our classes, starting tomorrow. Here is a video link to the description on YouTube:
We’re doing this in the interest of increasing our ability to serve you as coaches and strengthen you in fitness with our programming. By following this structure, classes will run in a more timely manner and you’ll be able to get in everything we have for you to improve your overall fitness. Additionally, we’ve done such a great job over the last 6 months of increasing our Strength from a foundational standpoint with developing better technique and muscular capacity. Now it’s time to put that strength to the tests of functionality and intensity, especially as we draw closer to the next CrossFit Games Open season. There will be exceptions every couple weeks, but generally, this is what classes will look like:
First 5 Minutes: Stretch, put on shoes, BS with other members of the class, get mentally ready.
Minutes 5 to 10 or 15: Coaching of Strength Movements and WOD Movements, with Prep designed to cement those movements in mind.
Minutes 10 to 30: Performance of the Strength/Skill work, most often as an EMOM varying in 1-, 2-, or 3-minute increments. Sometimes you will be partnered with somebody. This will keep everyone on task and increase the intensity of the movements performed. If you don’t finish in the time allotted, that’s ok, we’ll still move on to the WOD portion next.
Minutes 30 to 55: Refresh on the elements of the WOD with set up time, too. Everyone will perform the WOD at this time.
Minutes 50 to 60: Clean up, stretch, and well-deserved hang out time for a job well-done!
We’re excited for this new structure and can’t wait to see our results continue to improve!

We’ve normally done the DECK OF DEATH for Halloween, but this year we’re changing it up with a Benchmark “Girl” WOD that mimics many of those same elements.
5 rounds, each round for time, of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-up (abmat)s
50 Air Squats
*Rest 3 mins between each round.*
**Do not include your rest in the time.**
Rx or Scale as appropriate
Goal: 3 to 5 Minutes per round

Coaching: “Barbara” is one of those nasty rest interval WODs that hits you by the 3rd round, as you’ve already achieved over 300 reps at that point. The trick (get it, Halloween!) is to push through that 3rd round effectively. Maintain a great strategy on the Push Ups and Pull Ups for breaking them up into sets. Keep going on the Sit Ups and Squats with no more than a breath or two as a break. Do all of this will rocking that costume and you’ll do great!