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October 5 2016


October 5 2016

Ben Schiemann Hammy2016

October 5 2016

Happy Birthday Big Ben!

Hang Power Clean:
*Find a heavy 2 reps.*
Clean Deadlift:
3×3 at 110% 1RM
*Use 110% of your best Clean.*
Close Grip Push Ups:

“CrossFit Games Open 11.3”
As many reps in 5 mins as you can of:
Squat Clean, 165/110 lbs
Jerk, 165/110 lbs
You must complete the squat clean before moving on to the jerk
and you must complete the jerk before moving on to the next
squat clean. If you miss a jerk you may power clean the bar to
set up your jerk attempt.

Scale this one appropriately so that you can complete the Squat Cleans effectively and finish out the Jerk on a regular basis. The goal is to achieve 30 to 45 reps with good form and speed.