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Our Big Friendly Giant Brian


Our Big Friendly Giant Brian

Photo Credit: Brooke Lukeheart and Zebulon Thomas Films

Brian: Finding Balance, Breaking Excuses, Setting PRs

Brian, AKA Drot +, started with CrossFit Strongsville after his wife, Coach Drot (though just known as Katie back then), picked up a Groupon nearly four years ago. After she raved about the workouts and the community (which might be code for, “nagged him,”) he caved in finally and gave it a shot.

He was a former athlete and quickly attached to the friendly competition that grows among the participants in the class. As time went on, he found that he had formed strong friendships with everyone and enjoyed his time working out and becoming better along their side. Even better, the sense of the accomplishment after he finished every workout became one of the best parts of his day.

Many would agree that they don’t know what this gym would be like if Brian wasn’t here. He provides comic relief exactly when we need it, welcomes everybody and genuinely takes an interest in helping them, chips in to help for projects big and small, and even reaches things that are really high on the shelves.

His dedication in the gym has paid off with staggering results. He’s set personal records in strength, accomplished movements he never imagined, and improved his health in astronomical ways while adding muscle and definition. He’s done all this while balacing being a devoted father and husband and managing a demanding job. He’s the antithesis of dad-bod and when asked how he does it, he would say, “Don’t always strike the perfect balance; you have to make it a priority because if not it’s is always going to fall behind the other three. And my wife is very into Crossfit so she is very supportive and picks up a lot of slack on the other stuff so I can go guilt free.”

Last, if you’re debating starting (or coming up with excuses when your wife asks you to go), Brian has this to offer:
“Keep at it, don’t be intimidated because we were all in those shoes when we started. Try to make it a passion or it will not work out in the long run.”