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Our Hero Lt. Dan


Our Hero Lt. Dan

Our Hero: Dan

Dan is one of those lion-hearted guys who inspires those around him and truly makes a positive impact on the vibe of the room. He’s always one to crack a great joke, lighten the mood, encourage those who are struggling, and generally make the experience that much better for everyone. Prior to joining CrossFit Strongsville, Dan had undergone major surgery and a near-death experience and was searching for a positive outlet to regain his sense of strength. We can’t tell the rest of the story better than the man himself, though, so enjoy:

The first day when I walked in to Crossfit Strongsville I met Dave (one of the owners). He sat me down and explained to me what Crossfit was all about and how the classes ran. Dave immediately said, “what the heck? Just go in to the 11:30 class and try it out.” I have to say that that first meeting changed my life forever. I went home exhausted and so excited to talk to my wife about what I had just done.
I joined Crossfit Strongsville the next day and I have never looked back. I couldn’t wait for my next WOD and every time I walked into the box I felt free of all of the depression I had been dealing with. I feel the exact same way after all this time.
They call us athletes in the gym but I can honestly say I call everyone a friend. I am honored to know every single one of the men and women who belong to this awesome establishment.
My goals are very simple. They are to continue to walk in to Crossfit Strongsville and get better every single time. My family, My family in Blue and My Crossfit family are extremely important to me. People will always question me as to why I do Crossfit and it is very simple. It’s because of the people you meet, the coaches who coach and the workouts you do. This gym is the total package for me so I decided to permanently brand the gym logo on my calf.
Someone asked me if I received a free membership or benefited in any way from my tattoo and I was questioning in my mind why any one would think that. I can honestly say that I got the tattoo because I feel Crossfit Strongsville and the awesome people I have met there truly changed my life forever.
So that’s why I Crossfit.