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Sarah, Our Role Model Mom


Sarah, Our Role Model Mom

Sarah: A Goal-Setting and Goal-Crushing Role Model Mom

Sarah has been at CrossFit Strongsville for nearly 3 years and her transformation has been nothing short of incredible and absolutely inspires us as coaches and a community. She started doing CrossFit for much the same reason that many people do; to get healthier or more fit. The experiences that she has had in her time with us have done even more to not only help her accomplish those goals but to also receive the benefits that are often overlooked to being a part of our community. These include increased energy, the sense of accomplishment of achieving one’s goals, the enouraged confidence that comes with learning new things and ultimately mastering them, and the uplifting reality of impacting others around you, especially family.

Speaking of, Sarah’s family is incredibly important to her. She’s a full-time working mother of two who once made a choice to put her health on the back-burner. But, her time and dedication to herself has taught her this: “I realize now it is just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of others. I want my girls to know that they can do both and teach them that exercise and nutrition are very important.” With that mindset, she’s truly a great role model for her kids and for us. Thank you, Sarah!