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September 22 2016


September 22 2016


September 22 2016

Happy Birthday Dawn!

We have a number of great events and all new apparel pre-orders coming in over the next few weeks! One event scheduled for the middle of October will allow you an opportunity to work out with former CrossFit Games champ, Graham Holmberg! Another will be our community workout day, currently scheduled for October 22nd, that will involve teams of 4 completing a challenging WOD and a hang-out afterward. More details will be coming out very soon for everything. Also, we’ll have new hoodies and sweatpants available for pre-order in the next two weeks.

Last, The Healthiest You Chiropractic has only 2 more days of their awesome t-shirt pre-order available. They’re $20 during the pre-order and $25 after that. The CrossFit Strongsville logo is on the back in a cool new style! Here’s the pics and the note from Dr. Max:
Friday is the last day for pre-order of The Healthiest You Chiropractic shirts with an exclusive CFS logo on the back! Come to the front desk to get your pre-order in before the deadline:)
-Dr. Max


A) Overhead Squat (Bottom Pause):
*Pause for 3 seconds at the bottom of each rep.*
B) Bent Over Barbell Row:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:
15 Toes-to-bars/FRX: Hanging Knee Raises
15 Ring Dips/ FRX: Dip Progressions
15 Hang Power Snatches, CRX: 95/65 lbs, FRX: 45/33 lbs
15 Row Calories

This WOD nearly has a little bit of everything, except legs…apparently all the squats have been leaving our legs a little rubbery. Toes to Bar and Dips can be really limiting during some WODs because, when they decide to break down, they really break down. Break these into achievable sets so you can muster enough to power through the remaining rounds. Don’t be surprised, too, when the row eats up at your hip flexors enough to affect the next round of toes to bar and knee raises.