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September 6 2016


September 6 2016

Max 30th Birthday

September 6 2016

Happy 30th birthday to Dr. Max Zart!
Once again I am at a loss of words to properly share how much somebody has meant to my life. So, I’ll lean on what I wrote last year about the great guy who is strengthened by a great woman in this picture above. Happy birthday, buddy, thank you for using your biceps to lift us all up a little higher than we expect of ourselves.
There isn’t much that I could say about the unstoppable force with an even more unstoppable heart who is Dr. Maximillian Zart that many of you don’t already know. He is one of the strongest men I’ve met in my life, both physically and mentally; everybody’s trusted friend and confidant; the brother we all need to stand in our corners when life throws you punches; and now one of the most caring and loving dads to little baby V that I’ve had the honor of witnessing grow up in front of my eyes. And of all of these things, he’s still my best buddy, with whom I share violent bouts of laughter about literally the stupidest things you could imagine that make our stomachs hurt as a form of therapy at least once a week. And, while it’s always gone unsaid, we’ve always been in competition with one another as to who could be the best overall man and example to others. It’s one thing I humbly lose to the man I call my brother all the time. Happy Birthday, #@&&*^

A) Clean & Jerk:
*Work up to a heavy single.*
B) Chin Ups:
C) L Sit Hold:
3xMax Hold
*Make 3 attempts at holding as long as possible.
Any modification is welcome.*

21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Deadlift, 225/155 lbs
Handstand Push-up
*Modified version available on Beyond The Whiteboard.*

This classic “girl” WOD is actually one the best performances I have ever seen from my friend, the good doctor. I believe it was the first WOD he ever beat me in (and there have been many since). Also, it never hurts to throw in a deadlifting WOD to help influence some chiropractic business…Kidding aside, this WOD is all about chewing up the DeadLifts as quickly and effectively as possible. This is one of the fastest WODs in the CrossFit reportoire, so hammer it hard and hammer it right; use modifications and weights that challenge you yet allow you to keep moving.