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It’s Time to Sweat

Sweat Strongsville is the CHANGE you’ve been looking to make: to your routine, to your body, to your LIFE!

This 6-week boot camp program includes 3-one-hour classes each week, before and after measurements, dedicated mentors and coaches, challenging, yet modifiable workouts, and an optional fully-integrated nutrition plan. Exercises can include all manner of bodyweight movements, resisted training with bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and barbells, and “cardio” movements like rowing, running, and jump rope. This program is separate and distinct from our regular CrossFit programming, so classes are scheduled accordingly:


Enrolling Soon

6:30AM Tuesdays
6:30AM Thursdays
10:30AM Saturdays


Enrolling Soon

10:30AM Mondays
10:30AM Wednesdays
10:30AM Fridays


Enrolling Soon

7:30PM Tuesdays
7:30AM Thursdays
10:30AM Saturdays

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Sweat Strongsville is for ANYONE & EVERYONE looking to jump start their fitness and change their life!

We’ve successfully developed and tested this program with both men and women of many ages, ranging from 18 to 75 years old. These individuals came from every imaginable background with exercise, from the “never worked out a day in my life” to the “former collegiate track star.” All levels of capability will be accommodated and our qualified coaching staff has over 40 years of combined training experience. The head program designer and owner, David J. Choma, has over 10 years of working with athletes in nearly every stage of life, including in therapy settings and professional sports arenas.

There is only one thing we require of you; that you make the commitment and stick with it! You’re going to love what it can do for you and you’re going to have fun, meet new friends, and experience wins you can’t even imagine.

The Process

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Success Stories


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