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What The Ruck?!


What The Ruck?!

On November 18th, 2017, a group of 12 intrepid souls ventured out into near-freezing temperatures and a torrential downpour to go run in the woods. Many of them seated backpacks, filled with weight, or wore weight vests, as well. Why did they do this?

They’re nuts. Obviously. Or…really bored.

But they also love challenges and testing their physical capabilities against anything life may throw at them. And, they love the opportunity to sweat and struggle and grow and become better with other people who want to do the same.

So, I had the pleasure of leading these crazy people on a 4.2-mile “ruck” through the metroparks and the honor of spending time amongst individuals for whom I hold great respect and admiration. The journey lasted an hour and twenty minutes and included squats, burpees in the mud, pull ups on rings, varied core exercises, lunges, dips, balance beams, climbing over fences, crawling under caution tape, and bear crawls (no actual bears were sighted, but we did nearly witness Jim tackle a huge buck). All the while, there was laughter, encouragement, and a deep sense of appreciation for one another.

It’s this kind of “fun” that helps me know I am so very blessed to be a part of a community of people that take their commitment to self-improvement seriously and still know how to be ridiculous and silly. As Thanksgiving draws near and I turned another year older according to the calendar, I am happy to share that I am so very grateful for everyone at CrossFit Strongsville, past and present and yet to walk in through our doors. You inspire me, you push me, you make me laugh, and you make me better. Thank you.

A special shout out to all of our warriors who attended our first-of-what-will-be-many “ruckish, out-of-the-box” kind of events, pictured left to right, after myself:
Jim, Luke, Dan, Amy, Adrian, Jess, Julia, Marie, Tom, and Rhonda

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